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“The flexibility and scalability of the Lenovo ThinkServer offering and the experience gained by BCLOUD in the cloud computing field has enabled us to effectively respond to the growing needs of companies of all sizes, ie to be able to access and share information at all times, from anywhere and from different devices. Our new cloud services, called ASCOllabora and ASCOstore, offer the availability and sharing of data and information in real time, improving control, accessibility and flexibility”

“BCLOUD’s support for the Cloudian platform is proof of the power of our Storage solution working in cloud environments and different types of installations. In the same way, companies and service providers can count on a powerful solution compatible with S3 to build effective and efficient solutions with unprecedented scalability”

“The partnership between the three companies has enabled Asco Tlc to create a truly reliable and highly secure cloud storage service platform. Cloudian provided the storage, accompanied by our independent Enterprise Cloud application, and BCLOUD has offered its contribution as a highly experienced reality within the Italian cloud market”