“BCLOUD’s Support for the Cloudian platform is proof of the power of our Storage solution which works in cloud environments and in different types of installations.
Similarly, companies and Service Providers can count on a powerful solution compatible with S3 to build effective and efficient solutions with unprecedented scalability”.

Mike Tso

Co-founder and CEO, Cloudian

“The partnership between the three companies has enabled Asco Tlc to realize a platform for cloud storage services, which is very reliable and has a high level of security. Cloudian provided the storage, accompanied by our independent Enterprise level Cloud application, while BCLOUD offered its contribution as one of the key actors on the Italian Cloud market”.

Jim Liddle

CEO, Storage Made Easy

We selected BCLOUD as Competence Centre partner at Pan-European level because the issues that MPStor develops through its own R&D in Cork are oriented to an innovative technology that requires specific skills in the OpenStack, SDS, IaaS fields. BCLOUD is the ideal partner with whom to approach this new technology, where the scope of know-how is a key factor not yet rooted in most IT companies”.

Massimo Calabrese

Executive Vice President Sales, MPStor


There are well known Vendors, some who impose their standard solutions on the market. They offer a bit of everything, but do not have any real specialization in the Software-Defined IT.


There are Vendors who have STRONG VERTICAL COMPETENCIES in the SOFTWARE-DEFINED IT fields.
They are not widely known, because they are so concentrated on technology and less in being popular.
They are the BEST in their field.
We search globally to find them and suggest them to the SYSTEM INTEGRATORS who choose us.

Here they are: