Cloud Computing, Information Technology and Consulting


BCLOUD = To Be Cloud

Cloud Computing is the WAY to drop complexity and costs arising from the management of ICT infrastructures, which is the REAL problem that CxO’s have to face every day. Traditional approaches do not allow clear costs measuring, flexibility and a real return on investment for the company.
Customers require simplicity and easiness of change, that’s why most operators are facing a new challenge in transitioning from traditional solutions and service models, to the cloud. 


BCLOUD is the partner of choice for applications and Cloud Service Providers, Cloud Brokers and End Customers willing to enhance their experience in the cloud business. We support our customers (Service Providers, VAR/System Integrator or Corporate Customers) in adopting and implementing their Private/Public or Hybrid Cloud Solutions and increasing their portfolio of services, therefore accelerating their “Go To Market”.
We continuously scout new technologies, solutions and services tailored to Cloud Computing, in order to dramatically reduce their “Time-To-Adoption” and “Time-To-Market”. As a Cloud Enabler, BCLOUD is specialized in providing all necessary know-how for the selection of cloud solutions and their localization.

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